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WARNING: This site hasn't been updated in almost 10 years becuase chances are I don't want to work with you.

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An Entrepreneur, Husband/Father, Adventurer & Consultant

Brent Kozlowski

An Entrepreneur, Husband/Father, Adventurer & Consultant

Hi, I'm Brent an entrepreneur who loves all things internet. I went down the rabbit hole when I came up with the idea for MyDayRegistry.com.

I have my own businesses, just like you, I know exactly what it takes to manage and run a successful online business. I feel your pain of feeling like you are never on top of the latest and greatest as it relates to website design and marketing and that your website and marketing need to always be evolving to be up to date with the latest platforms.

I know that you don't have a lot of time and need someone that has been there and can help you make online decisions that impact your bottom line. Whether it’s web design, search engine optimization, ppc, programming, WordPress, WordPress plugins, affiliate marketing, social media, link building or local search I’ve been there and made all the mistakes that you don’t want too.

I know what it takes to drive traffic to your site and what is required to have people not only stay but give you somnething. And most important, I know how to manage the tiny details of the project that bring all the moving parts of the larger vision together. I take the big picture and breaking it down into small executable steps.

The Internet & Marketing to me is art when combined. And because I spend a lot of time on the meticulous details that bring this art to life, I only have room for a few select clients who I personally believe in. It's not cheap to work with me, I don't give it shit what you think and chances are I consider you a friend.

Email me for a private consultation that probably won't get read or replied to.

A jack of all trades

Web Design

Photoshop, CSS & HTM5

Web Development



Themes, Plugins & Optimization

Social Media

Campaigns & Management

Internet Marketing

PPC, SEO, Affiliate & Content Marketing


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Growth, Adventure, Love, Well Being



Navy Life

U.S. Navy - USS Kittyhawk (CV-63) - Yokouska, Japan

ABE2 (Launch & Recovery)

What an amazing chapter of my life where I traveled the world, did tons of drugs and made some life-long friends and still managed to stay out of trouble! Ohh Yeah, I also worked my ass off 18 hours a day out to sea while sleep deprived on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier with jets moving everywhere. This is when I made the decision to never work another day of my life again.


College Life

Lenscrafter, San Diego Mesa College & Almost San Diego State

Optician, Accounting & Biology

Ahhhh! Take a moment to reminisce about the good old days. Late nights out with friends, classes that started way too early and exams that seemed to be at the most inopportune times! This was perhaps one of the best chapters of this thing we call life where I had the opportunity to stumble upon my passion and not someone else's.


Life Passion

Entrepreneurship & Web Development

Owner at MyDayRegistry.com, Closet Web Developer & Internet Marketer

I consider myself extremely lucky that I've stumbled upon my passion, my drive and my dream. Every day is a challenge and stretches my limits, but every day is also a celebration of achievement and accomplishment. Entrepreneurship does not come with a nice little manual that lays everything out for you. It requires patience, creativity and someone who doesn't inside or outside the box.

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Project Based Monthly Retainers Starting at $15,000 | Hourly for $600.00

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